This week has been stupid. Family troubles. Supreme Court troubles. Friend troubles. Time to turn it around.

My friend Monica Byrne is a wonderful Author and Artist who could use your help. I've supported her for many many years and value her work greatly. Please watch this short video and if you are inclined, support her in whatever way you see fit.


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My thought on Neuralink implanting tech in human heads for the first time:

Brain implants are one of those technologies where the MTBF for the implant MUST exceed the MTBF of the implantee. And there must be lifetime after-sales support, Or else the execs who made the decision to pull support should go to prison for the rest of *their* lives.

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⚠️ Update: Metrics show that internet connectivity has been partially restored in the Strip after a two day telecoms blackout; overall service remains significantly below pre-war levels 📉

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Wow. Searching for videos on YouTube about the new Doctor Who specials, and all that's coming up is videos about how Davies "ruined" Who with "wokeness".

Folks...if you think Davies' Doctor Who *just* got "woke", your brain has probably been scrambled.

Sorry that there are Black people, disabled people, and trans and gay people in your . That must be rough for you. But seriously... you're surprised that Davies went all in for LGBT representation? Really? You've got to be kidding.

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I just saw Trump referred to as the Manchurian Cantaloupe and I can't get it out of my mind.

Is Vlad even backing him this time? I've not seen the usual onslaught of misinfo, but maybe it's all on Twitter?

My friend laid there for 6 hours. Bleeding to death. While soldiers prevented anyone from helping him. 6 hours of torture. 6 hours of abject horror.

And who are the terrorists again? Who are the perpetrators of death and destruction? Who is inhumane?

Not a single human is Better than another. We are all the same. The differences we see are just ideas. Shit we make up. We can stop thinking of “others” any time we like.

We make choices every day about these things. Make choices from empathy and love and peace.