Not a single human is Better than another. We are all the same. The differences we see are just ideas. Shit we make up. We can stop thinking of “others” any time we like.

We make choices every day about these things. Make choices from empathy and love and peace.

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Call for information: We’re looking for examples of delayed open source publication (DOSP).

That’s when software is published under a proprietary license at first, then later open sourced. For example, at the time version N goes out, version N-1 might be released under an open source license. (But that’s just one way to do DOSP – there have been others.)

We’d like to gather as many examples as we can, both historical and modern, for a whitepaper that will examine the effects of DOSP on open source projects and on open source as a whole. The paper will take no position in the paper on the desirability of DOSP; its purpose is to provide accurate historical description and objective analysis.

If you know of examples of DOSP, please email us:

[email protected]

You can also file a ticket or a merge request directly, if you prefer (account creation is free).

You can see our notes and our current examples list here.


Please feel free to rebroadcast/repost this wherever it’s appropriate.

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The Only Democracy In The Middle East, everybody: Israeli Minister of Communications has begun the process of shutting down Israeli paper Haaretz for being “anti-patriotic” when it revealed that Israeli Helicopters were responsible for killing civilians on Oct. 7th. Many eye witness accounts confirmed this only days after Oct 7.

I will not apologize for my empathy.

My love for the Jewish people does not preclude my love for Palestinian people. I can dislike the leaders of these groups and still love the people of these groups. One group does not need to cease to exist in order for the other to continue to exist.

Embody love and . Help your fellow humans.

Do not lose your humanity. Free . Stop the and .

Time for a Starship launch. Let’s see if we can not destroy south Texas this time.

I don’t think that people realize that journalism isn’t about what you feel. It’s about telling the story and contextualizing it. The facts are the important part. Not how you feel about it.